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Here are some resources to help you Sponsor iLead and support growth opportunities globally.

iLead Program One Pagers

Download these one pagers for an iLead program overview and to share its impact.

iLead Explainer Presentation

This explainer presentation provides the ‘Why?’, ‘How?’ and ‘What?’ of the iLead program. Download this resource to share your passion for developing the next generation of leaders with educators.

Video Resources

Facilitation Tips

Student Facilitation

iLead Student Demo


iLead Sponsor Guide (iChoose, iDo and iLead)

Adult Sponsors of iLead coordinate iLead Transformation Tables with students and young people. The Sponsor Guide provides instructions and tips to make the experience a success for all. This guide is for use with units 1-4 of iChoose, iDo and iLead.

iLead Student Facilitator Guide (iChoose, iDo and iLead)

Learning to lead is not accomplished just by watching and listening, its developed through practice. The Facilitation Guide will provide directions for your students and young people on how to lead and facilitate iLead Transformation Tables with their peers. This guide is for use with units 1-4 of iChoose, iDo and iLead.

iLead Sponsor Guide (iChoose XLR8)

The iLead XLR8 Sponsor Guide is for use in coordinating iLead Transformation Tables using Modules 1 and 2 of iChoose XLR8. iChoose XLR8 enables you to create momentum and a pace to complete the first series of iLead in as little as 16 weeks over 2 semesters.

iLead Student Facilitator Guide (iChoose XLR8)

The iChoose XLR8 Student Facilitator guide is for use with Modules 1 and 2 of iChoose XLR8. Provide participants of iChoose XLR8 with this guide to help them prepare to take their turn leading a group.

Activation Kit


Launch Plan

Use this check list to plan for your implementation of iLead.

Implementation Guide

Use this guide as a step-by-step tool for implementing the iLead program.

Launch Countdown

Use this editable PPT to build group excitement before your first iLead session.

Marketing Assets


iLead Participant Invitation Flyer - Editable Powerpoint

Best Practices



Small Group