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The Maxwell Transformation Process

Values Based. Outcomes Driven.

We develop and inspire leaders in all eight streams of influence for transformational impact. 

Using the Stanford Collective Impact methodology combined with a vision for individual values-based education through Transformation Tables, JMLF has created The Maxwell Transformative Process. This catalytic tool provides a framework for countries and communities to:

DISCOVER their common objective, 
DEVELOP a Transformation Agenda, 
DESIGN an effective program,  
DEPLOY their initiatives. 

Maxwell Transformation Process Model

Where’s the Tipping Point for Transformation?

We believe 10%

We believe that engaging at least 10% of a given population through Transformation Tables will take us to a tipping point that results in a transformation movement.  

The Maxwell Transformation Process engages each of the spheres of influence in the movement. It is grounded in positive values that create an intolerance for the current state. The population’s culture becomes fertile ground for measurable and noticeable change.