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Community Transformation 

Transform America — One Community at a Time

As a leader, you know: When people are divided, problems stay unsolved.

But when people are willing to work together — lending their influence and resources to make the community better and brighter — transformation is possible!

This is the heart of our Community Transformation Initiative— a proven program utilizing John Maxwell Leadership Foundation (JMLF) values-based leadership training and a weekly roundtable format we call Transformation Tables to tackle a common agenda identified by the community.

Weekly meetings at the Transformation Tables are central — this tool is used to:

  • Share leadership values tailored to the community’s common goals.
  • Provide opportunities for discussion, collaboration, and self-reflection among community members and leaders.
  • Drive commitment to measurable action steps — which may be small, but compound from week to week into a snowball of results!

As individual lives are changed, the organizations where those individuals work are transformed … the culture of the organizations improve … and they go on to influence other people, other communities, one-by-one — ultimately sparking nationwide transformation!

How? By implementing our step-by-step Maxwell Transformation Process:

  1. Discover the leaders of the eight streams of influence that shape the community — government, education, business, faith, arts, media, sports, and healthcare —and determine if they’re ready to invest their influence in transformation.
  2. Develop a team of leaders that take ownership of the program.
  3. Design and test a customized solution for adults in each of the eight streams.
  4. Deploy the end-to-end transformative solution to reach 10% of a community or country’s population and evaluate for positive outcome.

We’ve already seen the impact our Community Transformation Initiative has made in bringing people together for transformation on an international level — and this past fall, we launched pilot programs here in the U.S. to great effect!

Right now, we have an exciting — and tremendously timely — opportunity to bring Community Transformation Initiatives into even more American communities in 2021.

The structure is in place. All we need is the funding to launch the programs — a total of $350,000 for the entire year.

Your support today will help make it possible — offering training in leadership and good values at a time when both are needed more than ever and transforming the nation one person at a time to make a big impact.

Please give as generously as possible to launch Community Transformation Initiative programs across the U.S. today. Thank you!