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Youth Transformation

Preparing Next Generation Leaders

Possessing academic credentials, no matter how good, is just not enough anymore. We live in a world that has grown significantly in an awareness of the need for developing the leadership ability of the next generation, yet Human Resource Professionals Association reports that 63% of Millennials and Gen Zer’s (half the world’s population and rising workforce), feel their leadership skills are not being developed. The next generation needs good leadership development so that they will be prepared to lead well. iLead combines Maxwell Leadership’s values-based leadership development with an opportunity for students to model and practice it to achieve positive change. As iLead’s values-based leadership is shared, evaluated and practiced by students, their leadership potential is enhanced, setting them up to make our world better and brighter! 

iLead is a values-based leadership curriculum consisting of three volumes, iChooseiDo and iLead, each inspired by the leadership philosophies of author, speaker, coach and leader, Dr. John C. Maxwell. Every volume contains lessons designed, in collaboration with educational leaders, to be facilitated by students during weekly in-person or virtual small groups called Transformation Tables. The Transformation Tables method of facilitation enables students to practice their emerging leadership skills while encouraging connection and inclusivity through a peer-to-peer environment. Students develop better relationships with their peers, find their voice and take action to lead themselves in alignment with good values.

Sponsoring adults are equipped to implement iLead using its Sponsor’s Guide and web-based resources once the “Next Steps” are taken. Sponsors will administer an anonymous pre-content assessment to students followed by training them on facilitation using iLead’s Student Facilitator’s Guide. We recommend using a pre-lesson period to administer the pre-content assessment and walk students through the student guide. Sponsors will help students form groups based on the time allotted (no more than 6-8 students per group) and rotate the opportunity to facilitate after each session. Lessons can be done virtually or in person. Each begin with teachings meant to lead to self-reflection and end with an action step. Students commit to action steps, put them into practice, and share their progress.  Sponsors will also administer short post assessments for students to take that provide valuable information on efficacy.

You’ve come to right place!  Take a few minutes to review this website.  Be sure to notice the button under “Resources” below where you’ll have access to tools and resources such as the Sponsor’s Guide and an Implementation GuideClick on the button under “Sample” to access a lesson. To begin implementing iLead, click the button under “Next Steps” to complete a registration form and watch a video on “Transformation Tables”. Once you have completed the registration process, you will receive an email providing you with credentials to our web-based learning system. If you have not experienced the Transformation Tables method of facilitation and values-based leadership education and want to learn more, check out www.changeyourworld.com. 

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Learn more about the Maxwell Leadership's values-based leadership curriculum created for the next generation of leaders.

The iLead curriculum, inspired by the leadership of Dr. John C. Maxwell, is made up of values-based lessons designed in collaboration with educational leaders to enable the next generation to develop and practice their values and leadership skills. Values-based leadership development emphasizes personal transformation as a pathway toward thriving and recognizes that personal transformation involves taking action reflective of people centric values.

Values-based leadership roundtables, called Transformation Tables, have proven to be incredibly effective in the Maxwell Leadership Foundation’s country transformation efforts. Dr. Maxwell saw that if we could help students learn and apply these same concepts, we would be able to provide a foundation that could set them, and their country, up for meaningful and positive change. iLead was birthed out of this vision.

iLead provides students opportunities to model and practice leadership as they take turns facilitating its peer to peer group format. In each lesson, a value or leadership characteristic is paired with imagery and a quote that help make the concept more memorable. The lessons feature a short impactful teaching on the value or leadership characteristic, has students evaluate how well they practice the characteristic, and encourages them to identify an immediate, self-directed action to take that allows them to experience the transformation of growth.

  • Volume 1 – iChoose is connecting Values & Leadership
  • Volume 2 – iDo is connecting Actions & Leadership
  • Volume 3 – iLead is connecting Influence & Leadership


As a Sponsor and advocate of iLead, you become a guide enabling transformation to take place. If you are interested in sponsoring or championing iLead in your sphere of influence, access these free resources.


Access a Sample Lesson of iLead. Students are able to respond in the PDF while engaging in an actual values-based leadership lesson. This sample demonstrates the week to week process that students will experience throughout iLead.

Next Steps

Transformation takes places as students engage in the peer-led process and identify one action step each week. If you are ready to implement iLead in your community please fill out our registration form to get started.

The Power of Positive Change Through iLead.

- Read a Letter from John C. Maxwell -


You have likely heard me say that once you have tasted significance, success will never satisfy.  That’s because success is what we do for ourselves, while significance is what we do for others. I am an extraordinarily blessed man who has experienced some meaningful achievements:

  • Through EQUIP, we have trained leaders in every country in the world.
  • As an author I have written over 100 books and had the opportunity to impact millions.
  • The Maxwell Leadership Foundation has been invited by several heads of state to bring transformation to their countries.

And yet launching iLead is the most significant thing I have ever done.

In fact, I believe that iLead will have the biggest impact of all and will be the most important thing I ever do. By providing young people the opportunity to participate in iLead, we are offering tomorrow’s leaders the foundation and development that will allow them to succeed at home, school and at work.

iLead is unique in that the peer to peer roundtable methodology encourages participation and asks students to commit to weekly action steps. That consistency compounds and produces life change over the course of 32 weeks—students grow as a result of the content, its application, and the experience of facilitating their own group.

Being a part of iLead is an invitation to be part of something significant—to be part of a movement that is making a difference.

My team would love to talk with you about ways you can get involved in bringing iLead to students in your community or internationally. I invite you to look at our website and reach out if we can be of service to you as you consider iLead.

Your Friend,

Dr. John C. Maxwell

United States

iLead is currently in beta-test in the United States as we create systems and processes to support it. Maxwell Leadership Certified Team Members and other approved partners are currently launching iLead with students in coaching programs, private schools, and extra-curricular clubs. If you are interested in using iLead with a group of students in the United States please click here to submit a request for more information and we will follow up with you.


The majority of iLead being done internationally, is in countries where the MLF is partnering with the streams of influence in an all-out country transformation effort!

MLF launched its work to reach 10% of the adult population with values-based leadership Transformation Tables in Guatemala in 2013. Having seen the resulting positive impact, John inaugurated the foundation’s development of youth focused values-based leadership curricula. Since iLead’s launch, over 1,700,000 students in Guatemala, over 330,000 in Paraguay and over 119,000 students in Costa Rica have participated in its Transformation Tables as a part of their school day. Educators are taking notice as students’ confidence as facilitators, relationships with peers, and awareness of values increase.

If you are interested in using iLead with a group of students internationally please click here to submit a request for more information and we will follow up with you.

Access a Sample Lesson of iLead

Select the best format for engaging students with print or digital options. Each downloadable iLead lesson features form response capabilities that students can use for values-based leadership development whether in the classroom, at the kitchen table or on the field.

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We need leaders who are hungry to bring transformation to their sphere of influence through Transformational Roundtables by John C. Maxwell.

About the Maxwell Leadership Foundation

Leadership flows from the top down and the MLF has seen incredible success when an intentional effort is made to impact the key streams of influence within a country. When the MLF marries its influence, resources and tools with the desire and influence of top levels of leadership in the key streams the results are truly transformational. As leaders are changed, one by one, they begin to have a transformational impact on those around them.

The MLF adds values to leaders who multiply value to others and the results are growing leaders who transform the world around them.

The values-based roundtables are the key tool used to help make people aware of leadership values, provide opportunities for self-reflection, and a commitment to taking one measurable step forward each week.   The roundtable setting provides a conversational environment, free of judgment that produces positive change through a commitment to growth every single week. Steps may be small, but consistency compounds and the results snowball.  Roundtables have proven to be a practical and successful method for forming new habits and experiencing true life-change.

As individual lives are changed, the companies where those individuals work are changed, the culture of organizations change, and the results are real and measurable.

Imagine the impact as key streams of influence are collectively impacted and begin The Maxwell Leadership Foundation equips leaders to transform their world, and we are doing it one country at a time.to see transformation that positively impacts the entire community.

Meet our Leadership


John C. Maxwell

John Maxwell_sitting_2016

John C. Maxwell, the #1 New York Times bestselling author, coach, and speaker who has sold more than 26 million books, was identified as the #1 leader in business by the American Management Association® and the world’s most influential leadership expert by Business Insider and Inc. magazine in 2014. In that year Dr. Maxwell also received the Mother Teresa Prize for Global Peace and Leadership from the Luminary Leadership Network. His organizations—Maxwell Leadership, EQUIP, and the Maxwell Leadership Foundation—have trained millions of leaders touching every nation in the world.


Mark Cole

Portraits for The John Maxwell Co. staff and facilitators, as well as coverage of some speakers during the Partner Forum on Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2016 at The Ritz-Carlton in Atlanta. Photo by Kevin D. Liles/kevindliles.com

Mark Cole serves as CEO of the Maxwell Leadership Foundation. With over 20 years of leadership and team development experience, Mark has become a champion of the John C. Maxwell brand of leadership. His passion for leadership development and organizational growth makes him uniquely qualified to add value to individual leaders and leadership teams. He has experience in both the non-profit and for-profit sectors, and he has led companies through economic challenges, growth barriers, and disconnected team dynamics.


Is there a charge for the material?

There is not a charge for the material. Our goal is to add value to leaders who will multiply value to others. We are committed to making the curriculum accessible to as many people as possible.

May I change the curriculum?

The images or content of the curriculum cannot be changed without written, express consent from JMLF.

What age group has this curriculum been designed for?

iLead has been designed with high school students in mind. Outside of the U.S. we have released a version for younger students as well.

Why are you asking each participant to do a survey?

Thank you for asking. Surveys are very important to us because they allow us to tell how effective the material is. The response to surveys is helpful in the creation of new material, to other programs evaluating whether they want to use iLead, and to those who have invested financially in providing iLead.

Do the lessons need to be done in order?

The order of the lessons is intentional, but the lessons stand on their own in any order.

I don’t work with students but is there a way I can make this available for people who do work with students?

Yes – Thank you for your interest. You can donate to support iLead here. Click Here to Donate

Additional Questions?

If you have additional questions, please reach out to us at, iLead@jmlf.org

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