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Maxwell Invitational
June 6-8,2023 | Highlands, NC


Enjoy two-days of incredible golf, in Highlands, North Carolina with John Maxwell and make an impact that will transform countries.

A contribution of $30,000 to reserve your spot

Partners for Transformation

Your partnership allows us to develop transformational leaders through our Country Transformation Initiative. While giving to many causes can create short-term impact, the development of leaders creates something far more permanent and significant. Developing a leader doesn’t just solve one problem, it solves them all! When those leaders know Christ, they can create a difference that will impact generations to come. We see the momentum building as transformation is taking place in countries like, Guatemala, Paraguay and Costa Rica. You are making this possible through your time and generosity.

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Register Today and make an Impact that Transforms Countries.

A contribution of $30,000 to reserve your spot