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Transformative Leadership in Ellis County

Transformative Leadership Videos

The following videos are an optional accompaniment to the Transformation Tables experience.

1: Attitude

2: Responsibility

3: Relationships

4: Integrity

5: Listening

6: Generosity

7: Influence

8: Humility

9: Honesty

10: Forgiveness

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Dr. John C. Maxwell

John C. Maxwell is a #1 New York Times bestselling author, coach, and speaker who has sold more than 30 million books in fifty languages. He has been identified as the #1 leader in business by the American Management Association® and the most influential leadership expert in the world by Business Insider and Inc. magazine.

He is the founder of The John Maxwell Company, The John Maxwell Team, EQUIP, and the John Maxwell Leadership Foundation, organizations that have trained millions of leaders from every country of the world. A recipient of the Horatio Alger Award, as well as the Mother Teresa Prize for Global Peace and Leadership from the Luminary Leadership Network, Dr. Maxwell speaks each year to Fortune 500 companies, presidents of nations, and many of the world’s top business leaders. He can be followed at Twitter.com/JohnCMaxwell. For more information about him visit JohnMaxwell.com.

About the John Maxwell Leadership Foundation

Leadership flows from the top down and the JMLF has seen incredible success when an intentional effort is made to impact the key streams of influence within a community. When the JMLF marries its influence, resources and tools with the desire and influence of top levels of leadership in the key streams the results are truly transformational. As leaders are changed, one by one, they begin to have a transformational impact on those around them.

The JMLF adds values to leaders who multiply value to others and the results are growing leaders who transform the world around them.

The values-based roundtables are the key tool used to help make people aware of leadership values, provide opportunities for self-reflection, and a commitment to taking one measurable step forward each week. The roundtable setting provides a conversational environment, free of judgment that produces positive change through a commitment to growth every single week. Steps may be small, but consistency compounds and the results snowball. Roundtables have proven to be a practical and successful method for forming new habits and experiencing true life-change.

As individual lives are changed, the companies where those individuals work are changed, the culture of organizations change, and the results are real and measurable.

Imagine the impact as key streams of influence are collectively impacted and begin The John Maxwell Leadership Foundation equips leaders to transform their world, and we are doing it one community at a time to see transformation that positively impacts the entire country.

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