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The Curriculum

iLead’s peer to peer format allows students to get experience leading as they take turns facilitating groups. Each lesson contains a short teaching on a value or leadership characteristic, asks students to rate how well they practice this characteristic, and asks them to commit to one action step for the week that will allow them to improve their score in this area. iLead offers multiple course options.


  • iChoose – recommended for year 1, connects Values & Leadership
  • iDo – recommended for year 2, connects Actions & Leadership
  • iLead – recommended for year 3, connects Influence & Leadership
  • iChoose XLR8 – condenses iChoose for a more accelerated pacing

iLead uses imagery that strengthens lesson content recall through associations. For example, iChoose, the first course in the iLead series, consists of 16 values broken down into 32 lessons each with a representative image. The lessons and representative image are listed below:

  • Lesson 1: The Value of Choice – Gifts
  • Lesson 2 The Value of Growth – Plants
  • Lesson 3: The Value of Attitude – Paintbrush
  • Lesson 4: The Value of Commitment – Finish Line
  • Lesson 5: The Value of Relationships – Bridge
  • Lesson 6: The Value of Character – Balloon
  • Lesson 7: The Value of Forgiveness – Mosaic
  • Lesson 8: The Value of Self Worth – Price Tag
  • Lesson 9: The Value of Responsibility – Mirror
  • Lesson 10: The Value of Courage – Cornerstone
  • Lesson 11: The Value of Initiative – Ripple
  • Lesson 12: The Value of Priorities – Jar of Rocks
  • Lesson 13: The Value of Teachability – Clay
  • Lesson 14: The Value of Self Discipline – Mountain Climbing
  • Lesson 15: The Value of Resilience – Diamond
  • Lesson 16: The Value of Influence – Candle

The Impact

iLead has been implemented in countries where the Maxwell Leadership Foundation has partnered with the streams of influence in an all-out country transformation effort! Transformational work was launched in Guatemala in 2013 and the values based leadership programming delivered was so incredibly effective with adults that John Maxwell knew he needed to provide something similar for youth. iLead was birthed out of this belief.

Since iLead’s launch in 2018, it has been implemented broadly in Guatemala, Paraguay, Costa Rica, Brazil, and Rwanda. The Maxwell Leadership Foundation is also currently focusing its efforts to expand iLead in the United States.

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