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To increase the accessibility of the iLead program, we have enhanced these digital samples of iChoose and iDo with responsive capabilities that are now interactive for use on some digital devices!


Lesson 1:



Lesson 1: My Questions Influence My Actions

The Full iLead Curriculum

The format allows students to get experience leading as they take turns facilitating the roundtables. Each lesson contains a short teaching on a value or leadership characteristic, asks students to rate how well they practice this characteristic, and asks them to commit to one action step for the week that will allow them to improve their score in this area. The iLead curriculum is a three year program.


  • Year 1 – iChoose is connecting Values & Leadership
  • Year 2 – iDo is connecting Actions & Leadership
  • Year 3 – iLead is connecting Influence & Leadership

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These lessons provide a sense of the format, process and content in the iLead lessons. Transformation takes places as the participants engage in the peer-led process and commit to one action step each week.

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The Impact

The iLead curriculum is made up of values-based roundtables designed by Dr. John C. Maxwell to allow the next generation of leaders to develop their values and leadership skills. John Maxwell recognized that if we could help students learn and apply these same concepts, we would be able to provide a foundation that could set them, and their country, up for meaningful and sustainable success. iLead was birthed out of this belief. For effective delivery, a value or leadership characteristic is paired with an image to help make the concept memorable.

iLead has been implemented in countries where the John Maxwell Leadership Foundation has partnered with the streams of influence in an all-out country transformation effort! JMLF launched its transformational work in Guatemala in 2013 and the roundtables were so incredibly effective with adults that John Maxwell knew he needed to provide something similar for the youth. There are over 485,00 middle school students in Guatemala going through the iLead curriculum as a part of their school day, and over 29,000 in Paraguay. The results have been so impressive that the Minister of Education in Paraguay has asked to have iLead made a part of the school year for ALL Middle school students in 2020. That means another 500,000 students will be learning about and practicing leadership and values. Parents and teachers are taking notice as students are recognizing they have opportunities to lead, starting with leading themselves.

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