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Welcome, iLead Sponsor!

Sponsor Instructions:

Please review the following instructions designed to help you, and your group/s, thrive!

  1. Make sure you have reviewed the information provided on the iLead webpage at maxwellleadership.org/iLead and the iLead Kids Sponsor Guide. You will see information pertaining to methodology, best practices and resources that will equip you to lead well.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the content, as well as any platform you will be using for the group. (For example, if you are going to do your group through Zoom or Google Hang Out, you will want to be familiar with the tool.)
  3. When using Maxwell Leadership Foundation’s learning platform for content, please login to www.maxwellleadership.org/iLead-login to get the content one lesson at a time and send the section(s) or lesson out to the participants in your group or print it for student use. Please do not share the lessons from the learning platform with students in bulk.
  4. Organize students into groups that will stay intact throughout all lessons of iLead Kids. Keep in mind the strengths and personalities of your students when creating groups. Group sizing will dictate the amount of time needed to
    complete lessons. Please refer to the iLead Kids Sponsor Guide Scheduling Time and Lesson Pacing.
  5. Sample outline for 1st meeting with students:
    • Provide an introduction of iLead Kids.
    • Review overall group procedures and expectations as they relate to iLead Kids i.e., listening, confidentiality, not talking out of turn, showing others respect, etc.
    • Review Section 07-Sample Student Facilitator Script.
    • Model an iLead Kids group for students.
    1. Set up the lesson using section 01 “The Sponsor” as a guide.
    2. Model going first for content reading, reflection, and sharing.
    3. Demonstrate how Student Facilitators will keep the group progressing through the lesson using your established group expectations and procedures.
  6. At the conclusion of Lessons 3 and 6, you will complete a survey of the number of participants in your implementation of iLead Kids in the learning platform.

Sponsor Guide:

The sponsor has a very important role in the iLead process. Sponsors support iLead Kids students in facilitating the Transformation Tables to prepare them to lead sessions with greater agency. Please review the ‘Sponsor Guide’ for a detailed description of sponsor responsibilities: