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Together, World Wide Dream Builders and Maxwell Leadership Foundation can Transform Children's Lives!

Partner for Transformation

Together, we’re pouring into the next generation of students … transforming the future of this world by transforming the youth of this world. And with the deluge of negative, immoral, even destructive influences on social media, television, movies, and more … hope is hard to find! The world needs strong leadership. And we are called to raise them up one person — one student — at a time … in a bigger way than ever before.

The Goal: To get our proven iLead curriculum into the hands of 1 million students in 2024.

The Mission of iLead

John C. Maxwell created this three-year program which includes: iChoose, iDo, and iLead. Each volume provides 32 lessons designed to be done in weekly small groups of students. The peer-to-peer format allows students to practice their emerging leadership skills and encourages participation by all. iLead was designed to provide an environment for leadership values to be shared, practiced, and evaluated. Connection and accountability develop, and life change happens! ​