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Country Transformation Initiative

"I strongly believe that JMLF and our team will lead a movement for the transformation of the Dominican Republic."

Franklin Limardo
Executive Director, Dominicana se Transforma

As a leader, you know: When people are divided, problems stay unsolved.

It starts at the local level and travels quickly to disrupt entire nations. But when people are willing to work together — lending their influence and resources to make their country better and brighter — transformation is possible!

This is the heart of our Country Transformation Initiative — a proven program utilizing John Maxwell Leadership Foundation (JMLF) values-based leadership training and a weekly roundtable format we call Transformation Tables.

Weekly meetings at the Transformation Tables are central — this tool is used to:

  • Pull key leaders together to discover the country’s unique strengths and challenges and develop a common agenda.
  • Deploy our values-based leadership program, tailored to tackle the specific agenda. Depending on the country, the program can last 10 to 16 weeks.
  • Drive commitment to measurable action steps — which may be small, but compound from week to week into a snowball of results!

As individual lives are changed, the organizations where those individuals work are transformed … the culture of the organizations improve … and they go on to influence other people, other communities, one-by-one — ultimately sparking nationwide transformation.

We’ve witnessed the impact our Country Transformation Initiative is making in Costa Rica. A satisfaction survey was conducted in 2020 with 165 employees from organizations who participated in the Country Transformation Program:

    • 92% were highly satisfied with the program
    • 90% believe the program generated a positive impact in their company/organization
    • 89% agreed the time invested in roundtable discussions was valuable
    • 89% would recommend the program

Right now, we have an exciting opportunity to bring the Country Transformation Initiative to the Dominican Republic.

The structure is in place. The interest is high. Leaders are already on the ground ready to get started. All we need is the funding to launch the program.

Your support today will help make it possible — offering training in leadership and good values at a time when both are needed more than ever and transforming the nation one person at a time to make a big impact.

Please give as generously as possible today to launch the Country Transformation Initiative program in the Dominican Republic, and continue our work in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Paraguay. Thank you!