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Change the World ... One Life, One Community, One Nation at a Time!

As a leader, you know: When people are divided, problems stay unsolved.

But when people are willing to work together — lending their influence and resources to make the community better and brighter — transformation is possible!

This is the heart of our Community and Country Transformation Initiatives — two proven programs utilizing John Maxwell’s values-based leadership training and a weekly roundtable format we call Transformation Tables to tackle a common agenda identified by the community or country.

And right now, we have an exciting opportunity to bring Community and Country Transformation Initiatives into even more communities and nations over the next year — and impact millions of people!

Your strong support will be critical to attaining this massive goal.

We’re hoping to raise $1 million by May 7 to fund all existing locations and launch Community and Country Transformation Initiatives in new locations at home and abroad over the next year.

Please be a part of this. Seize this opportunity to be part of the work of transformation on an extraordinary scale … one life, one leader at a time!